Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg – 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition

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Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 1
MADE IN ENGLAND WITH ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 2
  • Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 3
  • Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 4
  • Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 5
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100% Money-Back Guarantee
UK-Manufactured Supplements
Finest Quality ingredients

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 6
Fast & Free Delivery
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 7Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 8Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 9

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 10

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 11

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 12

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 13

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 14

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 15

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 16

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 17

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 18

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 19

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 20 Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg – 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 21Fast & Free Delivery Direct to your door

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 22No-Risk Guarantee No-questions-asked money-back guarantee

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 23All Natural Made in the UK using the finest ingredients

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg – 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg – 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets (not capsules) – One Year Supply

of High Strength Vitamin K2 Menaquinon MK7 from Trans-Isomer by Nu U Nutrition

DOUBLE STRENGTH – Each serving provides 0mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 natto

trans-isomer, this is TWICE the strength of other competing Vitamin K complex brands. We also

provide Vitamin K2 MK-7 Menaquinon the highly bio active form of Vitamin K2, known as the gold

standard of Vitamin K2.

12 MONTH’S FULL SUPPLY 365 TABLETS – Our market leading supply of 365 Vitamin K2

supplement gives amazing VALUE providing a full 12 months supply. This is FOUR TIMES the amount

of many leading brands. No need to remember to reorder every month with our 52 weeks


HELPS WITH – Vitamin K contributes to normal blood clotting and the maintenance of

normal bones. It provides a path for Calcium to reach the bones and away from areas it shouldn’t be

such as arteries.

VEGAN PLUS GLUTEN WHEAT¨ DAIRY  GMO FREE Our Vitamin K-2 tablets are suitable for

vegans are GMO-free, and FREE from milk, lactose, gluten and wheat. They are also free of pesticides,

fungicides, artificial fertilizers or other pollutants.

WE CARE – At Nu U Nutrition we are dedicated to not only providing you with premium

nutritional supplements derived from the purest sourced ingredients, but we are also committed to

providing YOU with the highest level of customer service possible. We are mindful to ensure all of

our products are ethically sourced and we donate a proportion of each sale to charitable


Why Choose Nu U Nutrition Vitamin K2 MK7


GUARANTEE No questions asked, feel the benefit or your money


ADVANCED FORMULA  Our Vitamin K2 combines several vital elements. We use the Gold Standard

of Vitamin K2 known as MK7, this is readily bioavailable ensuring your body gets the maximum effect from your

Vitamin K2 supplement. This is a more expensive raw material but in our opinion, it’s a must in any Vitamin K2

formula. We also have DOUBLE the strength of competing brands with 0mcg of Vitamin K2 per


12 MONTH SUPPLY QUADRUPLE THE VALUE Amazing value, so simple, no need to reorder for a

full 12 months. We offer FOUR TIMES THE AMOUNT of competing brands who typically offer 90


VEGAN VITAMIN K2 GMO FREE  Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin K2 that is non-GMO and free from

dairy, gluten, lactose, wheat, pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers or other pollutants.

UK PRODUCED  Produced to the highest manufacturing standards in the world in a state of the art

facility, manufactured to GMP standards. We do NOT just bottle the finished product in the UK like some

competing brands, the production process is carried out 100% in the UK.


Take 1 tablet daily with a glass of water and preferably with a meal, or as

otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.


● Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

● Not suitable for young children.

● Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

● Always consult your healthcare professional before taking any food supplements, especially if

you are taking medication or have an existing medical condition.

● Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women unless advised by your healthcare


● Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy


● Undesired effects from this supplement are rare. Please discontinue use and contact your

healthcare professional immediately in the event of an adverse reaction.




INGREDIENTS: Bulking agents (Microcrystalline cellulose, Dicalcium phosphate), Menaquinone

(Vitamin K2), Anti-caking agents (Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide).

All items are dispatched within 1 business day.

Free shipping within the US. Please allow 4 days for delivery.

Shipping to Canada or Mexico $2.00 per item and $2.00 per additional item.

Returns Accepted, Buyer, 60 Days, Money-Back Guarantee.

We accept Payments via Paypal, the safest, easiest and most secure method of online payment. Need to pay via Credit/Debit card? No problem. Paypal seamlessly handles and processes most Credit cards and Debit cards making your payment a smooth and secure process.

To make sure your item is dispatched as quickly as possible, please ensure to pay for your order shortly after completing purchase.

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 24

Our company is the expression of a deeply held, very personal desire to create a lasting difference to the health of our customers and family. This is not a company driven by profit.

Both partners, Stuart and Donna, have seen first-hand the effects of poor health in their extended families – problems directly attributable to poor nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Donna’s mother sadly died before the age of 40 due to skin cancer, when Vitamin D may have helped prevent it. She lost her father when he was 47, also to cancer. Her extended family have seen nutritional deficiencies create lasting conditions like Vitamin B12 anemia.

Stuart found his family at similar risk, from smoking and from poor diet choices, and saw the lack of simple, fundamental nutrition was causing a damaging impact on his loved ones.

Stuart and Donna became obsessed with discovering how nutrition could improve health, first for their families and now their customers.

Nu U Nutrition was the culmination of this obsession.

The Nu U Nutrition team have seen, firsthand, the beneficial effects that a balanced diet of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and food extracts can have on the quality of people’s lives. 

After discovering the vitamin drain that has seen a thirty-year decline in the nutritional value of vegetables, it is more important than ever for individuals to supplement their diet with rich, nutritional concentrates.

Without these, even those living the healthiest lifestyles can suffer significantly both in their daily lives and when fighting illness or disease.

Our Mission

We do things the hard way. We do them the right way.

We work tirelessly to identify and test the supplements that really work, then focus on making these as affordable as possible, so that more people than ever can benefit from their effects.

We have the unique ability to drive down prices to our customers because we buy the finest raw ingredients in quantities twenty times greater than the next nearest competitor, ensuring we can extend the very lowest prices to our customers without ever sacrificing on quality.

The Nu U Nutrition team will stop at nothing to ensure a product is legitimate before it is made available for purchase, guaranteeing the very best user experience for our customers.

What’s more, we ensure every product is created using the highest-quality ingredients, manufactured in only the most advanced facilities, almost always in the UK.

We accept nothing less than complete transparency in labeling. Nu U Nutrition is also committed to giving. 

Part of our mission is to give a proportion of our profits to health and well-being causes. At the time of writing, we support a hospice and have recently supported a dementia charity.

Our aim is to continue to supply industry-leading supplements for health and well-being at all ages. The effectiveness of our supplements is the absolute priority in every product we supply.

We hope that together we can help you improve your health and well-being while supporting the wider community with charitable giving.  It may sound warm and fuzzy but we believe in it!

Discover Your Nu U

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 25

The Nu U Promise

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 26
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 27

We Believe In Health And a Nu U!

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 28

Made by Professionals in the UK

Nu U Nutrition’s supplements are made in the UK so you are safeguarded by the highest standards in the world.
Most are made without nuts, fish, milk, lactose, soya, gluten or wheat.
Nu U strives to create, exciting new and innovative supplements for our millions of customers; our team has a constant desire to keep prices low at affordable prices which we are able to do due to our huge buying power.

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 29

Best Lab Practices

We ensure every product is created using the highest-quality ingredients.
Our supplements are manufactured in only the most advanced facilities, all in the UK.
We accept nothing less than complete transparency in labeling.

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 30

Our Mission

Nu U Nutrition knows the beneficial effects that a balanced diet with vitamins, minerals, botanicals and food extracts can have on the quality of people’s lives.
We work tirelessly to identify and test the supplements that really work, then focus on making these as affordable as possible.
We stop at nothing to ensure all products go through extensive research and are safe for human consumption, guaranteeing the very best user experience.

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 31

Charity Donations

We donate a proportion of our profits to charity.
Your purchases have allowed us to donate over $100,000 to Martin House Children’s Hospice over the last two years, something which we are extremely proud of.
We hope that together we can help you improve your health and well-being while supporting the wider community with charitable giving.

Nu U Range

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 32
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 33
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 34
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 35
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 36
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 37
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 38WITH MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS ACROSS THE GLOBE
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 39OUR RANGE IS GROWING DAILY – THERE’S ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE
Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 40



Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 41

all good, all natural

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 42

expert advice

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 43

no-quibble returns

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 44

5-star reviews

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 45

Customer Testimonial

I’ve been using this product for a few months and am absolutely amazed! I started to take it as I was worried about my lipoprotein profile. I’m 21 and already have some problems with health. Just a few months ago my cholesterol was definitely too high, so I changed my diet, started to take Omega 3 Fish Oil and I take care of myself more. A few days ago I had a regular check and was surprised my cholesterol level is absolutely fine. And it’s not only about the results, I just feel better and have much more energy.

Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg - 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition 46


Additional information


Nu U Nutrition

Active Ingredients

Vitamin K




Vegan, Vegetarian, Sugar Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Fish Free, Dairy Free, Burp Free



Age Group



Vitamin (Single Active Ingredient)

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Bones Support



661 reviews for Vitamin K2 MK 7 0mcg – 365 Vegetarian and Vegan Tablets By Nu U Nutrition

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